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"O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us! It wad frae mony a blunder free us, An foolish notion... "

- Robert Burns "To a Louse"

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"That's quite rare, you've caught me smiling!" - Tony Robinson


For over 15 years, Richard Ellis has been entertaining people with caricatures at every type of event, from wedding receptions, trade shows and product launches to university balls and private parties. He is based in Birmingham, so can easily reach the whole of England and Wales.

His client list includes BT, Vodafone, the Army, Royal Air Force, Volvo, Dell, P&O, Jaguar, BP, Whitbread, Capgemini, Shell, RBS, KPMG, Selfridges, Barclays and many other household names.

Live celebrity 'victims' have included Phil Tufnell he couldn't get out of it, Nicholas Parsons it took just over a minute, Linda Lusardi he managed to concentrate on the face, Jayne Torvill it got straight sixes for artistic impression and McFly all at once!.


And don't worry... he (mostly) aims to be funny rather than cruel and remember that children love caricatures, especially of their parents!


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Richard Ellis is one of the top London caricaturists

The word 'caricature', and hence 'caricaturist',is derived from the Italian 'caricare', meaning 'to load, burden, exaggerate or distort'. This in turn comes from the Latin 'carrus', which was a kind of Gallic wagon! Most people believe (incorrectly) that the word relates to 'character'. This explains why there are many mis-spellings of the word, and why Richard is often booked by people looking for a characaturist, a charicaturist, a caructurist, a characterist or even a characterist; he has had many enquiries from people looking for a caracature, a characture, a caricture, a caracture, a caricter...

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